July 18, 2024
Learning Ethical Hacking

An InstaPortal is used in hacking an Instagram account or Instagram password through online or offline mode.

If a hacker could enter the six-digit security code, they can break into someone’s Instagram account and reset the password locking out the legitimate owner.

Now, the hacker can steal the password if he had somehow managed to access their target’s email account or had hijacked their victim’s mobile phone number. The likes of Facebook and Instagram will not sit quietly if an automated script tries a brute force attack to guess the correct security code. Instead, they have rate limiting in place to detect when multiple attempts are made to get past the security check and slow down subsequent attempts that are the ten-minute window of the opportunity expires.

Attempts To Guess A Security Code

When you try through 1000 attempts to guess an Instagram account’s security codes, 25% of them can go through, and the subsequent 75% requests can be rate limited. However, Instagram’s rate-limiting mechanism bypasses by rotating IP addresses and sending from different IP addresses. The thousand separate machines and IPs are used to achieve easy concurrency and are send two hundred thousand requests in tests.


Of course, two hundred thousand requests are not quite a million requests that would be necessary to guarantee the correct recovery passcode, which allows an Instagram hacker to hijack the account. In a real attack, a hacker needs 5000 IP addresses to hack an Instagram account. Although that sounds like a large number, one can achieve this even at a low price.

How To Stay Safe On Instagram

The social media app has several options to help you secure your account. There are some settings that you can use to control the privacy of your account, and it ensures that no one can hack your account. A hacker cannot hack your account without physical access to your device, even if the hacker has your password. You can watch out for hackers by going into Settings then Login Activity. This option shows the locations where your account is currently logged in on the other devices. If some of the locations are those you cannot recognize, then it is better to log out from all the devices.


All internet users should secure their online accounts with strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication wherever possible to prevent their accounts from hacking.