June 13, 2024

 As one goes about life, one is bound to get injured sometimes or have some bad effects on the body due to one’s lifestyle or get disease due to various reasons. When one gets injured or hurt and the point where one is injured is external that is visible on the surface to the eye then they can be treated for it right away.

In some cases, people get injured or hurt or experience pain in some part of the body that cannot be seen by the eye directly like in the case of the spine, joints etc. When one gets hurt or experiences pain in places that are not visible it cannot be examined and treated by the doctor directly. In such cases, the doctor will need to get the scan for the area involved. The radiological scans can be helpful for the doctor to see the place of injury or pain. One popular radiology method used for scanning parts such as the spine and joints are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Magnetic resonance imaging uses a magnetic field to scan and generate images of organs in the body. This will help the doctor see the site which is not visible directly.

Position of MRI

One can get the traditional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) done but not everyone is comfortable with it. People prefer to get upright MRI in East Brunswick for many reasons. Some of the main reasons why people prefer upright MRI over traditional MRI are:

  • The MRI machine is open so people will not feel claustrophobic.
  • The person getting the scan done can take the position that is comfortable to them including sitting, standing, bending or lying.
  • This machine produces fewer sounds compared to the traditional MRI machine
  • The accuracy is high and it is more reliable
  • It is easy and comfortable for the person to get the scan done
  • The results of the scan are enhanced

Overall, it will be beneficial for a person to go for an upright MRI in terms of convenience as well as will provide better scans to provide the consulting doctor full view of the scan part.