June 13, 2024

Since people started recognizing and acknowledging the detrimental effects of smoking on their health, they’ve been in the search of a healthier alternative. That’s how the world of smoking was revolutionized. Cigarettes started being out of fashion and products like bongs and vaporizers came into the picture. When the demand for such new products began to rise to unprecedented heights, the need for a shop where everything was readily available was born. Necessity is the mother of invention. Thus, the best online headshop was born: Tokeplanet.

Tokeplanet offers a wide array of exotic and high-quality products which aims to present the smokers with a completely new experience. What is different about the experience you get while you smoke using these new products from when you smoke traditionally? Let’s explore the reasons.

Bongs are basically filtration devices. Hence, it is also called a water pipe. It has been around for a long time but has now come to the forefront. It is generally used to smoke cannabis, tobacco and such herbal substances. In the normal bongs, the gas flows from the lower port on one side to the upper port on the other side. Bongs are similar to hookah in terms of how they are made and their function. But the bongs are much more convenient to carry around since they are smaller and lighter. A bong could be created at home if you have an air and water tight vessel, by adding one bowl and stem like thing that could guide air downwards to below water level. The air bubbles in the water and comes upwards while you use it.

Vaporizers, commonly called vape is a product which is used to vaporize substances (mainly herbs like weed and cannabis) to inhale them. It has various types of extraction chambers and are mainly made of metal or glass. The materials that are vaporized are either directly taken in through a pipe or hose, or is stored in an inflatable bag. In the case of experienced users, they keep it in cooler temperatures which in turn results in better extraction of the ingredients. This will cause the harmful and irritating effects of smoking to be much lesser.

These are the two among the wide array of products offered the best online headshop; Tokeplanet. What sets Tokeplanet apart is the pure beauty exhibited by their products and the quality they offer.